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Application With Standard Components

You can use M4 Back Office with standard components only. The M4 Creator allows you to create an Application Model, that contains all information the M4 Back Office needs to run.
No programming is required.

The following pages show you how to set up an example application with standard settings:

Application With Custom Components And Functions

Custom items can be created using Microsoft Visual Studio. While you can configure the standard components of M4 Back Office without coding, creating custom items do require some programming skills.

If you don't want or can create custom items on your own, please contact us.
We will see what your company needs are to create a tailored solution for you.
Also you are free to contract any 3rd party service provider.

In the next section we see, what types of custom items can be used and how to add a custom class to the Application Model.

On the next pages you find more detailed information on the different types of custom items, like where to find the class definition(s), which interface has to be implemented, which standard implementations are included and where to find an example or template.

Application And Access Model

Functions for access control, data validation, searching and exporting.


Components to be used in the component tree, as client container control, start page or voice adapter.

Tree Employ Component

The Tree Employ Component is the standard component for data searching, presenting, editing and exporting. It allows you to use custom controls for individual tables and fields.
To define customized controls, you have to create a template of the component. The definitions can be found under EmployControls, EmployFieldTemplates and SearchFieldTemplates in the ComponentCommons node of the template.


M4 Back Office can be run on various databases. Currently database adapters for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE databases are included. Custom tables, used in the same application, can be located on different database servers and even on different database types. It is possible to work with existing data and to use the same tables in M4 Back Office and other applications.

Class Reference

Reference of classes, methods and properties. Shared classes can be found in both references, M4 Back Office and M4 Creator.