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M4 Back Office

M4 Back Office is a database client application for searching, presenting, editing and exporting data. It works with Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE and MySQL databases. Other database adapters can be added.
The data for one application can be located on different database servers. These servers can be of the same or of different database types.
Existing tables can be included. You can work with M4 Back Office and other applications in parallel on these tables.

The application is configured by an Application Model, that can be set up using the M4 Creator administration tool.

The Application Model allows you to:

  • Define and create database tables and fields.
  • Give role based access to components, tables and fields.
  • Set different access for different operations like reading, writing and exporting.
  • Add data specific conditions for access rules.
  • Define search dialogs.
  • Create news groups for role based writing and reading news.
  • Set up clients with custom data structure using standard components without programming.
  • Optionally, use a wide range of custom programmed components and functions.

Custom components and functions for M4 Back Office can be created using Microsoft Visual Studio. Standard and customized elements can be combined, giving you an easy to set up, but still high flexible solution for your company back office.

Customizable functions can be used to:

  • Read user groups and roles.
  • Get search results.
  • Export data.
  • Set conditions for access rules.
  • Validate and change data.

Customizable components include:

  • Controls for individual data nodes and fields.
  • Component controls.
  • Client container control.
  • Voice adapter.

M4 Back Office
M4 Back Office - Customized control for data node

M4 Creator
M4 Creator - Setting access for data node